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Seeds and Other Beginnings

February 5, 2021

Seeds and Other Beginnings

January disappeared, there is just no other way to put it. Akin to the water in the bathtub when it is almost empty and a whirlpool forms rushing its’ way out into the world- as did January go.

Here on Long Island a Noreaster hit. It snowed and snowed and snowed. The snowblower gamely plowed through. Marc (my husband) went out on three exhausting trips to do the drive, the paths to the coops, to the studio, the mailbox. He shoveled the deck path, the front steps, the doors to the various pens. And then he did it two more times. The fireplace roared all day and into the night as if to beat back the snow into submission with its fiery breath and I believe it finally won. A vat of Mama’s hot cocoa appeared on the stove and homemade whipped cream was second in line. After all what is the point of hot cocoa without fresh whipped cream.

We made it through and, as if for a reward, the postman delivered two wonderful packages.

Floret Farm seed order

Now for us gardeners receiving our seed orders is something like Christmas. So with the joy of a five year old I opened the boxes and dreamed dreams of summer to come. Abigail and I pulled out the farm calendar and set up our indoor seeding schedule (nothing like jumping the gun) and I am beyond excited.

This year we are planting not only herbs and veggies but flowers to create a stunning yard and bouquets for our neighbors. I CAN NOT wait. Strawflowers, Dahlias, Zinnias …. Oh my.

In other news we opened up our egg subscriptions for 2021 and sold out almost immediately. This makes me both thrilled and disappointed at the same time. I am so happy that we had 100% of returning customers and somewhat disappointed that I can not at this time fulfill all the orders I would like. We are awaiting our new babies to arrive in April which I know will be here in two shakes of a lambs tail.

Bee packages are also ordered and queens for the new apiary. I can finally share which has been difficult for me to speak of until now… last fall I had a traumatic pesticide event which killed all my bees. When bees are poisoned it is very clear. They die en masse and it is heartbreaking with honey supers full of honey for winter and mounds of dead bees. I had to discard all my frames (dont want honey with pesticide residue) and discard all the honey.

I am moving the apiary to a hill on my property as far away from the old apiary as I can. By putting it up on a hill I am hoping to avoid pesticide “drift”. I have always been an organic gardener and an ardent anti pesticide advocate and it troubles my heart to make peace with differing viewpoints in this day and age. Having said that I look with hope to this year and am excited about new beginnings.

Speaking of new beginnings - I can share now the hive setup that i painted for my brother John for Christmas. He has just started his first beekeeping class! GO John.

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