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Down on the Farm Day

Down on the Farm Day: May 15, 2021 9AM-4PM

Hello everyone! We at Kaki’s Coop are very excited to officially announce our Down on the Farm Day. We have been planning for months and can’t wait to show you the culmination of our efforts. Our spring poultry chicks, duck, and turkey poult are being shipped on April 26th, which makes them the most adorable size by May 15th. The chicks, along with our full grown flocks, will be present. Kids love to play with the vocal little chicks and it’s great to watch them connect with baby animals and understand how precious these lives are and how they impact our farm once they grow up.

In addition to the chicks we will also have farm tours going on throughout the day. We have 1½ acres of property with honeybees, herbs, pollinator plants, poultry, and a sewing studio where Kathy makes all of her wonderful creations.

In the front of our property we will have canopies set up with all of our products. This will include soaps, honey, plants, natural and organic bug spray, homemade beeswax candles and more! We will also have snacks and drinks available to stay refreshed on a warm May day.

We are also excited to say that some local artists will have their own canopies set up with products. When we began planning our farm day we knew that we wanted to include local artists because community is very important to what we do. The more we buy local and organic the better our communities thrive. This has been proven to us many times over as we grow our business and try to improve our environment.

Ryan, my brother, has an exceptionally interesting insight into our environment. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 2020 with a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering and currently works at Long Island Clean Water. As we create products and care for our plants and animals the impact of polluted water has become very clear. We noticed a few years ago that the water we would drink, and give our animals to consume smelled like chlorine. When we had our water tested the results compelled us to install a whole house filter and a reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system in our home. Ryan will be present on Down on the Farm Day as a Long Island Clean Water Representative for any questions you may have.

We hope to see you all there!


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Savitha Pal
Savitha Pal
May 11, 2022

We can't wait to visit, and this time with our extended family! This will be such a treat for everyone. Thanks for hosting this event!


It has been unbelievable to see our home become an organic farm! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction when they see a little bit of the country right here in Northport.


Diana Macholz
Diana Macholz
Apr 16, 2021

I can't wait to come and experience the day and to be one of your local artists.🖋️ Thank you for your hard work and for the commitment you all have made to organic farming and taking care of our mother earth. 🌎

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