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April Fools


Spring is here - I am sure of it. I see the tender tips of my peony popping out of the ground. Although we are heading into two nights below freezing and my girlfriend Kim has put fabric over three rows of new transplant root crops, I am sure that this is March going out like a lion.

My studio is packed tray to tray with seedlings and i am planting still more today. I keep finding little jars carefully sequestered with last years special plants that i just cant say no to. Those lemon cucumbers must be planted again this year and those moon flowers just make me giddy in August with their midnight white blooms singing to the moon.

The new apiary is set up on the hill awaiting the arrival of our new queens!It looks beautiful like a beacon on the hill. My husband, Marc, is busy setting up a new shed for bee equipment and poultry feed. It seems that every time I think i have enough room …… well you all know how that story goes.

Gertie the Goose is laying eggs and we are in the process as I write of prepping to make some beautiful Easter Egg ornaments. Quakers (our adopted duck) has been laying eggs and we are now selling them- although they sell out pretty quick. Duck eggs are higher in albumen and protein and are fantastic for baking. I have heard that cheesecake will never be the same again.

April 7th! Our community project arrives. We are participating in the Bobwhite Quail vs. Tick Study. Run by Ranger Eric Powers at Caleb Smith Park in Smithtown it is a wonderful program whose goal is to hatch and raise Bobwhite quail and release into the park. Please see info here. On Long Island most of the habitat for ground nesting birds (hedgerows, brambles) have been destroyed for “development”. Additionally domesticated cats are the number one predator. Ironically, quail populations can keep tick populations under control, which is a big concern (Lyme disease) on Long Island. It will be the first time we have hatched eggs in an incubator and Abigail and I are excited! Will keep you all posted with photos on Instagram : Kakiscoop

We have also been busy as bees prepping for our big event soon to be announced……..

Be back soon and check Recipes for the Pork Tenderloin and Honey Glaze - sooooo good

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