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2020 Christmas Week- The Winter Solstice

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Rolling into the big Holiday week in this otherworldly year. The first (and big) snowstorm has hit and landed in the Northeastern US and if you didn’t clear it -it is now ice. Ducks and chickens and Gertie the Goose are rolling with it although those trips out to the pens in the freezing weather is just not so fun. Have the electric horse water bucket set up for the ducks -since the line I ran from the chicken coop seems to have malfunctioned……….

Finishing off a “project” for my brother John in Massachusetts who has signed up for a beekeeping class beginning in January. Will post pics after Christmas but I can barely contain my excitement. As you will see I clearly have been trying to stay engaged and out of trouble with paint and brushes.

McMurray’s poultry catalog has arrived and once again I want more chickens than is appropriate. Abigail (my daughter) is of no earthly help with restraint. Definitely putting some Copper Marans (dark brown Willy Wonka chocolately eggs) and Sussex chickens on the list.

I want to get that order in early because it seems that everyone is wanting chickens these days!

If you want to visit McMurray Hatchery website click here.

Have been keeping busy trying to finish off a beautiful Jared Flood designed sweater pattern. Jared Flood is a wonderful knitwear designer who believes in seamless knitting and his patterns are meticulous and as beautiful as is his wool. All products are sourced and produced in the United States and if you are interested in his story, click here . This one is almost done, yarn is Shelter and has the most beautiful hand and loft.

Planted my first casserole of wheat grass for the chickens and will be keeping a picture diary. Every time I plant wheat grass I can never remember- does it really only take 7 days? If so I may have to get a rolling casserole system started to give my baby girls some bright green nutrition this winter. Just another one of those things I do that will make my husband say “now what is this dish on the kitchen table?”

I also received my Botanical Interest click here seed catalog. Non GMO, family run, pollinator spectacular seeds and look forward to spending some nights dog earing pages and dreaming spring garden dreams. Their blog has some great articles and info.

Have a wonderful Holiday! On a nice night step outside and look up at the stars-click here

Hope springs eternal. Peace on earth- Good wool to man.

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